Great Buy 99¢

Brand, merch, web and spatial design for Arizona Tea’s Great Buy 99¢ pop-up store in Soho, New York.

To expand on the legendary symbol GreatBuy99’ that has become a part of con­tem­po­rary Americana and a meme of 90s pop-culture, we opened the Great Buy 99 shop on Crosby Street in Soho, a unique retail experience that riffs on the classic New York 99¢ store, set amongst the high-profile boutiques of this luxury shopping mecca.

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Creative Direction: Lucas Benarroch
Production Design: Cody Heuer
Store Production: Askia Bing
Merchandise Production: Dawn Dunning
Animation: William Umaña
Space / Merch Design: Lucas Benarroch
Web Development: Mpire Creative
Product Photography: Alex Contell
Project Management: Teresa Yorkgitis
Executive Creative Direction: Michael Blatter
Made possible by AriZona & Mirrorball