Makinda, Inc. is an independent New York based graphic design firm specializing in creative direction. naming. identity design. brand design. motion design. spatial design. exhibition design.

Makinda, Inc. exists thanks to the meaningful collaborations with individuals and companies such as Gonzalo Hergueta. Mistura Ice Cream. Mirrorball Agency. Julian Reyes. ArtxCode. Nicolas Linares. FP Studio. Selina Miles. Wallplay. Ziontifik. G.H.F.B. Laura Cartagena. Wu-Tang. Jaime Barnatan. Alex Trochut. Felipe Pantone. Earl Kaleymen. Shay Moradi. Luis Corzo. Alex Contell. Complex. Mucho. Eric Van Holtz. MRKA. Cecile Garcia. Matthew Hayes. Nacho Platero. NASA. Power Grant. Alessandra DeBenedetti. Laura O'Reilly. Sarah Sperling. Louisa St. Pierre. Kevin Klein. Brian Chu. Terry Barentsen. Rend Shamma. Aless Toys. Spencer Storm. Sony. Red Bull Music. La Carreta. Natalie Steen. New Balance. Slanted Magazine. Cody Heuer. Roger Gastman. Rizzoli.